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by appointment only




$40 per hour - 4 hour minimum


Weekend Rate:


$40 per hour - 6 hour minimum


Lockout Session:


$360 per day - any 9 hr day will be considered a lockout.


Definition: Recording on consecutive days, leaving your equipment in the studio & all of the studio’s recording equipment settings left untouched.

This includes everyday of these booked sessions regardless of days off, unless mutually agreed upon by artist & engineer. On sessions booked for over one week, there will be no additional charge for overbooking by 3 days.


After tracking has been completed & all your equipment is out of the studio, you can book less hours for vocal & mixing sessions at the normal rates.


CD Mastering:


$50 per hour- with a minimum of (and usually no more than) $300 per session.

(compilation CD’s, and mastering songs recorded at multiple studio’s always take a lot longer & we can’t give a quote.)

Prices include engineer & all studio equipment


Mixing & Mastering Music Recorded at Art of Ears

We mix to Master. There is no additional Mastering fee for recordings being mixed at Art of Ears.


Mixing Sessions Recorded at Other Studios

Save a huge amount of time & money by having your recording engineer backup your original files, make new duplicate copies of each song to bring to us, orginize your audio files with consistent track names & track order, mute or remove any tracks that won't be used, remove any plug-ins we don't have, in each song before you bring us your music to mix.


Too many sessions have come to us with unorganized files, chaotic tracks with different titles, or tracks that have been recorded on different sessions with different preamp & tone settings etc. 



Any cancellation made in less than 72 hours of the scheduled session shall be charged $100 per day booked, (unless we are able to rebook that time.)




Rates are subject to change.

Session Preperation:

Mixing & Mastering: 


If you like, bring in a few songs from a CD for A/B referencing. Don't bring in your favorite songs, bring in a CD that has the overall sound quality that you like best. We have plenty of reference mixes too. The idea is that when you listen to your finished CD, the overall frequencies and levels are in pocket with other good CD’s.


If you want to readjust anything after mastering there's instant recall, so in a few hours your remaster can be finished. 


We mix & master with Universal Audio plugins.


Bring a hard drive for Backup or large capacity flash drive to the mixing & mastering sessions. You should have enough space on the drive to backup the multi track recordings & any additional mastering.

1 Tera USB hard drives cost about  $60 and are well worth it.



Put new stings on your guitars the day before recording. Stretch them and tune them, repeat until they won’t go flat anymore. Clean ur strings when you’re done.


Check the intonation. If your guitar is having problems with intonation we can adjust your bridge for you.



If you need new heads, put them on your drums a few days prior & play them a little. New heads need to be stretched too & retuned a few times. Get the ideal tuning before you come in to he studio. If you need help with that, we can provide it. 


Kick drum heads occationally need to be changed, and some drummers don’t mind playing on slightly worn heads, but if your snare and toms have stick dents in them, you really should replace them.


We have a DW "Edge" snare drum, a Genista Premier birch kit, and additional cymbals that drummers can use if they feel it improves the overall sound.

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